Seven Sins




Seven Sins was founded by world renowned hair stylist John Michael Zucco with the purpose of "SINplicity" ease of product selection & usage, along with complete functionality. Discovering that he wasn't able to get everything he needed to style and maintain his "high profile" clients in a single product line, was the motivation JMZ needed to create a product line that accomplished this, the "genesis" of Seven Sins

Not willing to compromise on any details, JMZ set out to locate the purest of ingredients "superior in quality" which required that he seek out one of the best chemists in the business, then working tirelessly hand in hand over many months, established the formulations. The next step, applying skin care technology for added treatment benefits to the products, the outcome was astonishing!

Seven Sins "Lust" Collection (the first in a series of 7) focuses on hard to manage, dry-frizzy hair that's in need of serious protection & repair, while maintaining functionality.

Everyday styling and the environment can seriously damage the hair, requiring the replenishing of Vital nutrients, necessary for healthy hair. Keeping sight of the fact that healthy hair is "sexy" hair, established Seven Sins as the superlative newbie, raising the bar in hair care & styling products, like never before!

 Seven Sins products are serious hair care, with the purest "most expensive" ingredients and proven inimitable formulas!
Maintaining a "SINfully" clean record; "NO" Formaldehyde, Paraben, Phthalate
, Sulfates or Salts! Safe for all hair types including; Color, Keratin, or Chemically Treated Hair! Seven Sins products are as "Organic" as possible while remaining functional. And of course, never any testing on animals!


"It's gotta be a SIN to look this good"


The Concept:

Sin vs Virtue; for every SIN there's a Virtue!
(But don't let that get in your way)
After all, for every Sin there's a Win!

The "Sin" Translates to Problems issues you're having with your hair, what needs to be fixed or corrected  for the hair & style to be flawless!
The "Virtue" Solutions how to correct what's troubling, and what product is needed to achieve perfect results
 (most important) how to use the products properly; for healthy, shiny "Sexy" hair!

And never (ever) allow a Virtue to distract, your Sinful desires!

Condensing all the liquid tools needed for hair care & styling into just 7 products "consequently" translated into 7 basic categories that virtually all hair care & styling products fit into, was a stroke of genius!

"I accomplished this by closely monitoring what I was "actually" using on my clients for 30+ years,the manifestation of Seven Sins"

The Categories: Shampoo, Conditioner, Pre-Styling, Matte, Satin, Shine & Fixatives.


Seven Sins remains committed to continued growth and education for hair stylists & consumers in every conceivable way. Starting with; Tutorial videos & Blogging.  "Coming Soon" hands-on workshops & Webinars, with featured guest artists.

"Time to commit to your favorite SIN, or maybe all 7 of them"